Perhaps not so secret and twisted anymore. Thankyou.

Still here, I still read everything, still make posts when I have time. Feel free to submit your thoughts and feelings, I’ll even rewrite them if you want to. 

Nope there is no secret of who I am, and personally I feel so much better now, but that does’t matter cause this tumblr is going to stay what it is, and it will always be here, cause some people need it. 

Stay strong, I love you!

// S

Feel free to submit your thoughts and ideas, I’m here for all of you! 

My insanity is what keeps me sane. Helps my heart to create a fantasy that my mind can rest in. Insanity is what brings me peace. Some call it crazy, I call it trying to keep my self alive. So my mind is lost high up above in the blue fluffy clouds, I breathe glitter and I love everyone. I’m insane but honey its ok

I know you said you might do really something tonight, but don't. You are beautiful. Things suck. They are shitty. They are totally fucked up sometimes. I'm not denying that. But I promise you that things get better. But how will you see that if you leave us? We don't know each other. But I guarantee that people who do know you, do not want to go to your funeral. So please, don't. And even if this isn't from you, don't ever feel like people don't care. There are always people who care.

Thank you! Its really hard though… You always end up in that bad place and it really does’t feel like things are getting any better. For a while they might but then I fuck it all up again.  I just want things to get better, but I’m tired of fighting. So many people leave me in my darkest moments cause they don’t understand.  thanks for caring, a very few people does. Almost none of “my friends” I’m ok for now I think… 

You are a beautiful person, I may not know you but I know that every one who is going through a hard time deserves to be happy again, so don't let your demons win, you're stronger than you will ever understand or believe. Trust me. Xx

Thank you for those kind words!

i care

Thank you! 

your beautiful and even though i cant see your face i can tell you have a beautiful mind and you deserve every bit of happiness. Do not let anyone ever tell you differently.

Thank you so much for caring… I almost did something I would regret. Thank you for those kind words… but I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve happiness. but thank you!

Thinking I might do something really stupid tonight, but who cares